Projects - Solutions which fit
We do not only offer standard software. We develop, implement and offer consultancy for complete turn key solutions. The reduction on the key issues and their realization with practical, easy to use system, even for complex problems, characterizes us. Use our extensive experience from many successful projects.

Dedicated software development
We have developed dedicated systems for various parts of a business. E.g. for labotary, efficiency, production planing, production monitoring and especially quality. We are very familiar with manufacturing processes but have also delivered professional solutions in areas like sales and marketing.

Developments with IDEA! as base
Often IDEA! covers a lot of requirements with its standard features; but not everything. Yet, in most cases not much is needed to get the system, you would like. We are freqeuntly asked if we can adapt and modify IDEA! according to your specific needs. We can, and we do it. Projects based on IDEA! are a part of our business. This can go from a few additional rows in the Grid up to an own application where IDEA! delivers the base technology. We have also realized intelligent combinations of the Team Edition and the Single User Edition: e.g. maintaining relevant information for the marketing and sales department in the office with a Team Edition and sending it out to the sales force via a Single User Edition - with a own surface and special functions for the sales people. And the whole for only a fraction of the cost that would have cost you a complete new development. Another advantage is a very clear view, even before a project starts, how the final result will look like. You don't start from scratch, you can develop and discuss a solution right from the beginning.

SPC projects - more than only software
Within the area of SPC we are competent consultants and support you in any way to implement SPC successfully. Our SPC competence combined with our technical competence let us deliver what you need. We get our hands dirty in the details.

Professionalism and experience
We work in a professional way and deliver solid, stable products.

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