Datalyzer Spectrum
   These are Statistics you can Trust

DataLyzer® Spectrum is a software package for Statistical Process Control, which runs on MS Windows® to collect, analyze, and chart process data in real-time.

DataLyzer® Spectrum is SPC software capable of producing and analyzing variable and attribute charts without lengthy computer/user interaction. The visualized real-time control charts are clear and concise, supplying the user with all the necessary information in an understandable and easily readable format.

The open architecture of DataLyzer® Spectrum allows data entry in different ways, which include keyboard, bar code and direct connection to gage interfaces. Visual aids to facilitate data entry and processing are a scroll bar for return to previously entered points, mouse click for precise marking of data points and display of related information, and color-coded (red-yellow-green) subgroup flags for runs, trends, stratification, and process notes. A wide variety of graphic and video file attachments can be integrated as additional visual aids on the plant floor.

A broad array of reports provide even the most demanding user with a full set of informational tools to refine manufacturing processes. The report graphics include capability analyses, variable control charts, attribute control charts, and Pareto diagrams. To view some program screens please click here.

DataLyzer® Spectrum uses the platform of an MS Access®, MS SQL Server®, or Oracle® database. Thanks to Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) the data can be made universally available to other applications.

The DataLyzer® Spectrum single-user package can be upgraded to a network capacity which allows data collection and processing company-wide with the simple installation of additional DataLyzer® software modules (Hub, Satellite, Executive Monitor). There is also an additional module for automatic data collection via OPC interface.

DataLyzer® Spectrum comes equipped for multilingual operation in all of the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, and Russian.

DataLyzer® Spectrum...
... increases the transparency of your manufacturing processes
... provides for traceability of your products (EU Regulation 178/2002)
... monitors waste material and reject rates
... reduces excessive consumption of raw materials
... accounts for the traceability of quality characteristics
... raises the level of qualification among your employees
... improves your management knowledge base
... provides the hard facts for decision-making
... spreads a culture of collective problem-solving in the company

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