Performance management with TrakSYS

Sycon Beratungsgesellschaft mbH has become a Certified Implementation Partner of TrakSys™ from Parsec Automation Corporation in the US. Manufacturing companies worldwide rely on TrakSYS™, the leading real-time performance management and decision support software, to quickly track, record, analyze and report the events critical to productivity enhancement.

Practice shows Our Products Exceld

Sycon is convinced that the power of TrakSYS™ will serve as a solid base to improve your productivity considerably. We have been looking a long time for a tool like TrakSYS™. Its flexibility and its strength convinced us and we are sure, it will convince you. Our goal is to deliver measureable results. With TrakSYS™ this becomes much easier. Efficiency and effectiveness improvement is a complex task. TrakSYS™ helps you and us a lot to achieve this and see measureable results.


TrakSYS™ collects pertinent data from disparate sources – using standard protocols – without the necessity to modify the systems that generate the data. This is critical, as TrakSYS™ becomes both, the manager of the data, and the source of user-configurable business rules and analytics that are paramount in delivering real-time intelligence needed for effective decision-making. Unlike most traditional BI solutions, here the goal is not mere postmortem analysis, but proactive and preemptive decision-making at its best.

In developing TrakSYS™ the objective was not to develop another infrastructure component or to replace other infrastructure applications. The primary objective was to deliver real-time, accurate, and actionable intelligence to the decision makers – for significant productivity improvement – while leveraging existing assets, resources and infrastructure. The reasons for this objective were crystal clear: improve operations without disruption, quickly, economically and measurably.

A software package by itself is not everything but the right one helps a lot to realize a successful implementation. If you want to improve your productivity sustainably – talk to us! We are familiar with the various flavours of manufacturing processes.