Overview over all functions and IDEAŽ! Editions (Additional information about functions)

FunctionFree Personal
Gather files to attach (basket)****
AND Filter****
OR Filter****
Filter: Show unlinked records only****
Set Due dates****
Records (sort)****
Note for records****
Delete and empty records****
Sort attachments****
Indicator for attachments****
Memo field for attachments****
Copy insert and delete attachments****
Fixed alternate path****
Switch between languages****
OLE functionality RTF field****
Attam. Start programs with parameter****
Create emails, tasks, contacts, appoint-
ments in Outlook out of Idea!
Lotus Notes Links as attachments
(documents and views)
Print text fields and memo fields ***
Copy, cut and paste tree branches ***
Internal links (records under each other) ***
Sort tree records in alphabetical order ***
Status definition and status filter ***
Filter: Invert ***
Filter: show only marked records ***
Multi level filter (cascade) ***
Print & export defined reports ***
Create template for text field ***
Export of IDEA! databases ***
Find attachments ***
Automatic filter in tree ***
Full text search (in IDEA!)  **
Extended full text search (Index service
OS. Search content of files)
Import of IDEA! databases  **
Password & ID protection  **
Flexible alternate path  **
Mapper  **
Report generator to define own reports  **
Export Manager (e.g. stand alone
Data import from MS Excel  **
Filter: Due Date  **
Mail Import (Outlook or Lotus Notes)  **
Mail Export (Outlook or Lotus Notes)  **
Link Outlook folders  **
Link Outlook emails  **
Link Outlook contacts  **
Link Outlook appointments  **
Link Outlook tasks  **
Link Outlook notes  **
Multi user / network   *
User & rights management   *
Catalogue of databases   *
Multi-databases (Load and work
simultaneously in several databases
and use the same records cross databases!
Import from Personal & Professional   *
Export to Personal & Professional   *
SQL DB as Backend   *
Offline Client* (option)   *