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ArchiveSoftware® templates turn IDEA!® directly into a turn key knowledge management and collaboration tool that allows enterprise drivers and teams and best minds to collaborate smartly and effectively and make better business decisions faster. Just ask us!. Archive Software is copyright by Info L. Inc., Toronto, Canada and used under license by Sycon.

Embark Archives: Start and operate your business with our knowledge advantage!
Embark Archives: Start and operate your business with our knowledge advantage! Typical business planning software generates a business plan but then what? This version of TeamStart's strategy management software is a personal, proprietary portal to better, smarter, business decisions starting out and well into the future. Its incorporated proven, winning strategies, smart content and best practices, and ability to bridge and organize what is on a hard drive and everywhere your mouse can reach, make this a compelling software investment. You create an organized, proprietary corporate memory for your start-up and small business. All your strategic business knowledge, activities, decisions, discussions and work product, accessible and working through one view.

Strategic Archives: Grow your business with competence and confidence!
Strategic Archives is a portal to the important business know-how, strategies, discussions, decisions, activities and work product of an operating, growing business. It is aimed at team leaders and corporate director and owners. You get an immediate payback in the embedded smart content and best practices know how alone!

iPractice Archives: Improve practice governance and deliver better service to your clients!
iPractice Archives is a portal to client engagements and files, important practice resources, and all kinds of strategic practice activities, discussions and decisions. Its flexibility and adaptability quickly organize how you work, and allows you to easily create, structure, communicate, archive, find, re-use and re-purpose much important and strategic practice knowledge and work product. Its easy to tailor and adapt Quality Control information make adherance to CICA requirements more assured.... a winning edge for today's Canadian professional accountants

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