IDEA! Personal Edition

The IDEA! Personal Edition is for anyone who wants and needs to store relevant knowledge and related data in an orderly fashion, where it can be easily and reliably managed.

The IDEA! Personal Edition features let you easily

  • collect and share relevant knowledge and information
  • integrate and comment weblinks and any files as attachments in their context
  • get your data out in various reports
  • find what you need by filtering your data in various ways
  • filter your data with combined searches
  • protect and backup all of your important databases
  • extract parts of your database and save them separately
  • create templates for often used tasks and projects
Upgrading to the IDEA! Professional Edition is possible at any time. Data can be exchanged in various ways between the IDEA! Team Edition, the IDEA! Professional Edition and the IDEA! Personal Edition. To see a comparison list of all IDEA! versions please take a look here.

The IDEA! Personal Edition is only 25.00 Euro (plus value-added tax, if applicable).
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