IDEA! Team Edition

The IDEA! Team Edition fits for small, medium sized, and large businesses where there is a need to organize, manage and share knowledge & information in a practical, easy and reliable way.

You can use the IDEA! Team edition just to organize simple and various tasks in your business better as well as to build up a company-wide knowledge management system. However you want to use this flexible tool, it is always fully integrated in the daily workplace routines. There is no huge amount of data processing and organizational effort involved here. The cost advantage is real.

The IDEA! Team Edition has all of the functions that the IDEA! Professional Edition offers, plus some additional features:

The IDEA! Team Edition is a multi-user and network package

  • with a clear and easy to use user and rights management.
  • offers a whole organization level more then the single user edition (cataloue of databases).
  • lets you combine data from different databases and orangize them according different critria.
  • lets you go offfline with your database and continue to work on a Laptop - and later replicate your data with the server!
  • it is easy and fast to install - just send us an email or use the contact formula on this website to request a test version.
  • has an efficient integration of data and elements with MS Outlook and Lotus Notes.
  • has everything to gather, structure and pass relevant information in its context and with context information.
  • lets you create, combine and print flexible reports.
  • allows you to import, export and combine different IDEA! databases or parts of them.
  • has many options to filter, search and organize your data.
  • has a very fast full text search (indexed).
  • lets you also search the content of files on your hard disk extremly fast via the MS index service.
  • allows you to combine the internal search with the MS index search.
  • allows you to use logical expressions like AND, OR, NOT and brackets () within the full text search.
  • brings files of various formats, emails and weblinks together in a structured way with context information.
  • offers functions to protect your databases.
  • lets you instantly create stand alone archives with one keystroke on a CD-ROM or a USB stick.
  • and much more...

  • IDEA! has only 1 screen - but many faces!

    Discover the possibilities, that are in IDEA!. You will be surprised about the power of this quite simple looking tool. This counts for the single user edition but more then that it is true for the Team edition and the combination of both (Professional and Team Edition).
Data exchange between the IDEA! Team Edition, IDEA! Personal and IDEA! Professional Edition is just a mouse click. To see a comparison of the features of all IDEA! versions, please click here.

We offer the IDEA! Team Edition for 295.00 euro per user (plus value-added tax, if applicable) with volume discounts. Please find the current prices in our shop.
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