SPC Quickie
   Your First Step to Greater Quality

SPC Quickie 98 is an entry-level SPC software package for X-bar & R, X moving R and Histogram / Capability studies. Control chart points plot instantly when entered real-time. SPC Quickie 98 provides comprehensive analysis and superior output. The SPC Quickie98 program and documentation have been created for intuitive operation by both novice and experienced users. We are confident that using SPC Quickie98 will prove a major step toward achieving your world-class manufacturing goals.

SPC Quickie has all of these advantages:

  • Real-time data entry allows immediate response to process problems
  • Average charts (X-bar), range charts (R), histogram reports, control charts and capability analyses can be accessed at an entry level
  • Versatility in automatic or user-defined control limits and chart scaling produces meaningful evaluations and reports
  • Configurable RS-232 interface makes direct data entry possible from almost any gage
  • Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) file structure makes data universally available
  • All QS and ISO 9000 requirements for statistical documentation are supported
SPC Quickie is multilingual and comes ready to function in English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, and Portuguese.

To chart your production line with professional level process controls, our full-featured DataLyzer® Spectrum software package is recommended.

An SPC Quickie license is 249,- Euro per user. Price does not include shipping and handling.
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