Test and Find out More

Would you like to find out more about our products? We offer a selection of Product Information and Test Versions which allow you to see the functionality, general appearance, and the performance of our various products. If you are interested in the full versions, please visit our Shop to place your order, or you may choose to contact us directly.

   IDEA! Flexible and effective knowledge management
Download IDEA! Free Edition (5,16 MB, exe,, Freeware, 13-Jan-2006)
IDEA! program update (idea.exe)
(1.35 MB; to update just replace the "idea.exe" file in the Idea! program folder-> from version & higher, 01-Dec-2006)
30 days full version of the IDEA! Professional Edition
Please note: Free Edition has to be installed; idea.exe in Zip file is not an installation routine but the program file that just has to be replaced in the installation folder of the Free Edition (registration, .zip)
IDEA! Update Information version (202 KB, Format: pdf)
Overview IDEA! features full version (21 KB, Format: html)
Product manual for all IDEA! editions (870 KB, Format: pdf)
Function matrix by all IDEA! editions (89 KB, Format: pdf)
Lotus Notes PlugIn (554 KB, .zip, for versions from 2.1.5.x upwards)
MS Outlook PlugIn (146 KB, .zip, for versions from 2.1.5.x upwards)
IDEA! Team Client (1.63 MB, .exe, Version
IDEA! User Manager (0.98 MB, .exe, Version 14.12.2004)
Program for support, training & presentations (670 KB, Format: exe)
Downloadcenter at TEAMSTART with additional information (Link)
Free Embark Archive (509 KB, .zip -> .idb)
IDEA! discussion forum on Teamstart (Link)

   Datalyzer Spectrum Professional SPC software for industrial production
DataLyzer Spectrum- SPC brochure (1.44 MB, Format: pdf)
DataLyzer Spectrum "Quick tour" demo (Size: 1.56 MB, Format: exe)

   SPC Interactive  Interactive SPC training software
Demo version of the program (0.8 MB, Format: exe)
Advantages SPC training software (77 KB, Format: pdf)

   SPC Wizard SPC training and analysis software
Demo version 2.30 (19.5 MB, .exe, 03rd June 2005)

   SPC Quickie Introduction level SPC software
SPC Quickie brochure (409 KB, Format: pdf)