SPC Interactive
   Quality takes Trained Personnel

SPC Interactive® is an interactive training program for statistical process control (SPC) methods designed particularly for staff involved in the operation of production processes. Previous SPC or computer experience is not required. Mathematical techniques are not in the foreground of this training, which is keyed to the understanding and use of basic principles and methods in statistical process control.

SPC Interactive® teaches in direct dialogue:

  • Reasons for variation (random and systematic causes)
  • Basic principles of statistics as they pertain to personnel working on the production line (terms such as average, range, normal distribution)
  • Analysis of diagrams (average charts, range charts)
  • Use of variable control charts
These SPC techniques are explained step by step, and then drilled. For better retention of the learning material, notes can be saved, documented, and printed at a later time. To test active knowledge, exercise results can be saved for later reviewal of the material with a quiz. To view some program screens please click here.

Additional SPC analysis and training software can be accessed from the SPC Wizard® main menu, to gain more practical experience with the use of control charts. If you implement training with SPC Interactive® in combination with SPC Wizard® your personnel will show a solid foundation in statistical process control within a very short period of time.

By implementing SPC Interactive® you can ...
... reduce the cost of training per person in comparison to the usual training methods
... save the resources otherwise devoted to time-intensive organization of training sessions
... train personnel around the clock, no matter what shift
... let employees learn at their own speed
... produce all-round proof of completed schooling for quality audits
... train and integrate new personnel much easier and faster
... increase retention of learned material with continued exercises and repetition
... illustrate particular problem zones in the company quickly and understandably

SPC Interactive® is available in English, German, and Dutch.

We offer a site license agreement for SPC Interactive® (plus value-added tax, if applicable). The site license allows you an unlimited number of installations at one site. Company licenses for several sites are also available. Please contact us.
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