SPC Wizard
   Training with Real-time Data

SPC Wizard® is professional training, simulation, and data analysis software for statistical process control (SPC). With this software you can simulate and analyze manufacturing processes, directly accessing SQL® databases and tabular calculations (e.g. MS Excel spreadsheets).

SPC Wizard® is unique, because this software package combines integrated SPC training modules with the full functionality of real-time data entry and analysis. It also connects directly with DataLyzer® Spectrum, one of the most powerful and proven SPC packages in the world.

SPC Wizard® comes with the following components:

  • SPC training for variable and attributive characteristics
  • Real-time analysis for variable and attributive characteristics using control charts as well as Pareto and correlation diagrams
  • Process adjustment studies (control chart analysis of systematic causes on variation)
  • 10 pre-planned training courses
  • Training units can be completely rearranged to meet specific needs at your plant. To view some program screens please click here.
SPC Wizard®...
... accounts for the traceability of quality characteristics
... raises employee qualifications
... provides proof of schooling for quality audits
... accelerates initial training time for new personnel
... makes rapid identification and meaningful illustration of specific problem zones possible

SPC Wizard® is available in English, German, and Dutch.

A single user license for SPC Wizard is 950,- Euro. Discount volume prices and site licenses are also available.
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