Good concept in smart software
IDEA!® is a very flexible tool that organizes knowledge and information easily and efficiently. But it does even more. IDEA!® is the outcome of one of the most exciting and innovative concepts in the field of K & I management. It was invented with the objective to place a tool in your hands for everyday use, a tool to quickly lighten your load without causing you extra work. You get real advantage out of this little bundle - time saved and organized data are the reward.

It fits all around
IDEA!® tailors itself to the contents and range of your own work area like no other software. You can pull any amount of information that you need from the concurrent IT environment and place it in the context of your work. The result is a personal command center where task-oriented information comes together and is immediately available. IDEA!® is not limited to any particular branch of industry or only to certain departments. It will organize and archive any kind of data from all kinds of sources. With IDEA!® you can search and quickly retrieve the structured information that is of relevance and importance to you.

IDEA!® is a partner for you and your team
IDEA!® is not only a good solution for the single user, but also for teams and organizations. It encourages and advances a lively learning community and forms an efficient knowledge and communication culture.

Take it in all at once!
IDEA!® has one practical mainscreen which is very easy to work with because it shows everything you want to see all at once. With the combination of two outstanding qualities - extraordinary flexibility and great simplicity - IDEA!® leads in user acceptance.

Simple installation
IDEA!® can be installed with no trouble at all and runs on all Microsoft Windows operating systems with 32-bit applications. IDEA!® ties in with all of the normal Windows applications and formats, including the most common e-mail systems (MS Outlook and Lotus Notes).

Download IDEA!® and test it - for free!
Don't wait any longer - go ahead and try IDEA!® now. The download and installation only take a few minutes. The freeware version, IDEA!® Free Edition, isn't limited in time or data capacity. The licensed versions IDEA!® Personal Edition and IDEA!® Professional Edition include more extensive functions and even greater ease of use. In the IDEA!® Team Edition we offer a professional group package (network and multi-user capacity). An overview and a short description of the additional functions of the full versions are available here. For a table based comparison and a functional matrix please click on matrix.

Strategic Archives® powered by IDEA!®
Optionally available ArchiveSoftware® templates turn IDEA! directly into a turn key knowledge management and collaboration tool that allows enterprise drivers and teams and best minds to collaborate smartly and effectively and make better business decisions faster. Just ask us!. Archive Software is copyright by Info L. Inc., Toronto, Canada and used under license by Sycon.
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