Statistical Process Control in Context

Statistical Process Control (SPC) is part of business operations today. SPC is the radar you need to monitor and regulate your state-of-the-art, quality controlled production line. The use of SPC guarantees that you produce high quality goods, it increases the productivity of your installations, and it improves the knowledge base that your management relies on.

Sycon offers you a complete array of SPC tools that are powerful enough to resolve any industrial challenge. Our product portfolio includes the SPC Quickie entry-level package, the full-featured DataLyzer® Spectrum software package for line-monitoring in real-time, plus the high performance training modules SPC Wizard® and SPC Interactive®. This family of products connects the people and machines in your installation and increases the transparency of your manufacturing processes. We give you the support you need to analyze complex data, so that you find timely and accurate solutions to specific problems in your business operations.